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  • The Museum: Update #2

    The Museum: Update #2

    Progress update for my new web developer portfolio. Creating a 3D museum to showcase all my stuff from 10 years of film and video production. Final product will be a static HTML website that features a full screen 3D museum environment that the user can walk through and interact with. If you missed the first…

  • The Museum: Update 1

    The Museum: Update 1

    The first update of who knows how many… Super excited to start a new project!

  • 3D Cursor In Blender

    3D Cursor In Blender

    Using the 3D Cursor in Blender Intro Hey guys, what’s going on! In this video, we’re going to take a look at how to use the 3D cursor in Blender. The 3D cursor is, if you take everything and delete it, it is this little circle here in the center. That is the red and…

  • Retopology Series: Part 1

    Retopology Series: Part 1

    What is Retopology? Simply put, retopology is essentially the process of taking a 3D model with a high poly count and reducing the number of polygons to the smallest number possible to still retain the original shape. If that sounds confusing, don’t worry, retopology is basically the process of simplifying. I’ve included an article that…

  • 5 Ways to Improve Topology

    5 Ways to Improve Topology

    Improve Topology Here are some fun tips to improve topology on your modeling projects. If you’ve done any high resolution sculpting, or imported some very dense 3D scans, you’ll definitely want to do something with all those vertices. Here are a few tips and tools to help you massively reduce the amount of verts in…

  • [VIDEO] Intro To Mesh Modeling in Blender

    [VIDEO] Intro To Mesh Modeling in Blender

    Intro to Mesh Modeling in Blender Learn mesh modeling in blender: Multiple ways to add meshes to your scene Switch between Object mode and Edit mode Scale objects Transform objects Rotate objects Edit meshes directly, creating your own custom shapes Keyboard shortcuts to make your workflow faster The basics of the Loopcut

  • Desire: Making of

    Desire: Making of

    Behind The Scenes of Desire Welcome to a behind the scenes look at Desire, a short video project created to tell a story using only macro shots. Preproduction A month or so ago, I was tasked with a brand new challenge: Make a video about sex… for a church… that’s not a joke, or takes…

  • [VIDEO] “Never Forgotten” Full Animation

    [VIDEO] “Never Forgotten” Full Animation

    Well… I guess it’s time. I’ve been working on this animation for longer than I care to admit, but I’m definitely ready to release this thing into the wild, take my lessons and move on. And when I say ‘lessons’… I mean LOTS of lessons. And I’m so glad I tackled this project the way…

  • [VIDEO] Procedural Texture Mapping

    [VIDEO] Procedural Texture Mapping

    The Problem I’ve got a procedural texture that I’m happy with. It’s been fine for still renders. But when I animate the object, the texture slides around. I figured the obvious solution would be to bake down the procedural texture into a regular UV image map(s) like diffuse, specular, AO, roughness, etc. But when I…

  • [VIDEO] “Never Forgotten” Series Teaser 2019

    [VIDEO] “Never Forgotten” Series Teaser 2019

    Still working on a handful of shots right now, but here’s what I have so far. I learned a TON of new stuff with this project and had a blast!