Showreel 2020

Hey guys! I’m Matt and I’m a filmmaker and 3D artist based in sunny Tampa, FL. Up above, you’ll find some work I did last year. I’ll try to keep this reel as updated as I can. Feel free to have a look around, I’ve got a little bit of everything here from cinematography, 3D animation, web design, and coding. I even make Tampa-related shirts!

Life as a filmmaker and 3D artist in Tampa

Being a filmmaker and 3D artist in Tampa is awesome because it’s such a cool place to live and work. I’ve been here for 5 years and absolutely love it.

Videography Background

I became a filmmaker and 3D artist back in 2005 before I moved to Tampa. I happened to take a vocational class my sophomore year of high school and instantly fell in love with the art of filmmaking and editing. I still have my first short film on DVD if that tells you anything. I trying to improve my filmmaker skills through the rest of high school and into college. I graduated from Georgia State University’s Film and Video program.

3D Animation

It didn’t take long before I realized one of the best things I could do to stand out from the filmmaker crowd would be to become a 3D artist. 3D animation is such a vast industry. The art form applies to countless fields from visual effects, video games, and even the medical field. Being hired full time allowed me to put my 3D skills to good use. It gave me the ability to inject amazing life and creative freedom into nearly any project. The trick was finding the best project suited for 3D animation. I’ve been a 3D artist for over 10 years and still love it today.


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