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  • [VIDEO] Procedural Texture Mapping

    [VIDEO] Procedural Texture Mapping

    The Problem I’ve got a procedural texture that I’m happy with. It’s been fine for still renders. But when I animate the object, the texture slides around. I figured the obvious solution would be to bake down the procedural texture into a regular UV image map(s) like diffuse, specular, AO, roughness, etc. But when I…

  • [VIDEO] “Never Forgotten” Series Teaser 2019

    [VIDEO] “Never Forgotten” Series Teaser 2019

    Still working on a handful of shots right now, but here’s what I have so far. I learned a TON of new stuff with this project and had a blast!

  • VFX Workflow: Start to Finish

    VFX Workflow: Start to Finish

    Last week I ran into some problems with a project at work that required me to have just basic knowledge of rigging. After burning over an hour watching and rewatching tutorials, and, because I was under a tight deadline, I got frustrated and eventually just edited the mesh directly to get a basic pose. Beginnings…