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  • Designing and Printing A Tail Tidy for a 2022 Honda Grom

    Designing and Printing A Tail Tidy for a 2022 Honda Grom

    Step 1: What’s out there already? During my initial research, I found that there were a few models already out on thingiverse, which gave me a good place to start. At least I could use the measurements and dimensions of the license plate mount! And just to begin, I was only able to speculate if…

  • Designing and 3D Printing From Scratch

    Designing and 3D Printing From Scratch

    The First World Problem When I first got my 3D printer a few weeks ago, my mind was racing and coming up with all sorts of crazy stuff to print. I still constantly think, “Can I print that?”. Learning about the limitations of what a printer can and can’t do is definitely interesting and presents…

  • Learning How to 3D Print

    Learning How to 3D Print

    The Research Last weekend, I started doing research on 3D printers. It’s crazy to think that 3D printing has already been around for 10+ years! So, like with anything in the tech world, the longer it’s available, the better the technology gets and the lower the price gets. Who knew that you can get your…

  • The Museum: Update #2

    The Museum: Update #2

    Progress update for my new web developer portfolio. Creating a 3D museum to showcase all my stuff from 10 years of film and video production. Final product will be a static HTML website that features a full screen 3D museum environment that the user can walk through and interact with. If you missed the first…

  • The Museum: Update 1

    The Museum: Update 1

    The first update of who knows how many… Super excited to start a new project!

  • 3D Cursor In Blender

    3D Cursor In Blender

    Using the 3D Cursor in Blender Intro Hey guys, what’s going on! In this video, we’re going to take a look at how to use the 3D cursor in Blender. The 3D cursor is, if you take everything and delete it, it is this little circle here in the center. That is the red and…

  • Retopology Series: Part 3

    Retopology Series: Part 3
  • Retopology Series: Part 2

    Retopology Series: Part 2

    Retopo Series: Part 2 (Different Methods)

  • Retopology Series: Part 1

    Retopology Series: Part 1

    What is Retopology? Simply put, retopology is essentially the process of taking a 3D model with a high poly count and reducing the number of polygons to the smallest number possible to still retain the original shape. If that sounds confusing, don’t worry, retopology is basically the process of simplifying. I’ve included an article that…

  • 5 Ways to Improve Topology

    5 Ways to Improve Topology

    Improve Topology Here are some fun tips to improve topology on your modeling projects. If you’ve done any high resolution sculpting, or imported some very dense 3D scans, you’ll definitely want to do something with all those vertices. Here are a few tips and tools to help you massively reduce the amount of verts in…