Desire: Making of

Behind The Scenes of Desire

Welcome to a behind the scenes look at Desire, a short video project created to tell a story using only macro shots.


A month or so ago, I was tasked with a brand new challenge: Make a video about sex… for a church… that’s not a joke, or takes the topic lightly. It took me a week or so of pondering, but the resulting concept, I think, was pretty cool. Most of the preproduction work was done for us, as the project follows very closely a video that inspired me a several years ago. So in essense, our preproduction was already done for us. The biggest challenge was reverse-engineering the shots. I’d never worked with macro shots that were close enough to make the human eye fill the entire frame.


The entire project was a relatively quick turnaround, which actually worked out because all of it was filmed in a single location. The trick was trying to convey different locations and moods, almost entirely with lighting.


This project was one of the first (professional) projects I cut in Davinci Resolve. My experience was nearly seamless coming from Premiere Pro. Didn’t have to search for much, and instantly fell in love with the tab system. Overall, had a great experience with this project and it’s probably my favorite of 2019. Check out the final below!

Final Result