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  • How To Pause and Resume FFMPEG

    How To Pause and Resume FFMPEG

    How to Pause and Resume FFMPEG This is the story of how I learned how to pause and resume ffmpeg. I’m a pretty big multitasker when it comes to computing. I usually end up with a few hundred tabs open when I’m browsing and I always have a terminal open. Last week I was doing […]

  • Desire: Making of

    Desire: Making of

    Behind The Scenes of Desire Welcome to a behind the scenes look at Desire, a short video project created to tell a story using only macro shots. Preproduction A month or so ago, I was tasked with a brand new challenge: Make a video about sex… for a church… that’s not a joke, or takes […]

  • Transcode Files for Davinci Resolve 16

    Transcode Files for Davinci Resolve 16

    Today I learned that you only have to transcode files to import them into the free version of Resolve. If you’re rocking the full version, then this shouldn’t really apply, unless you have an absolutely crazy file format on your hands. Didn’t We Already Cover This? So this stems off a previous blog post from […]

  • Batch Process FFMPEG

    Batch Process FFMPEG

    Batch Process FFMPEG An incredible use case for simple Bash scripting is the ability to batch process ffmpeg tasks. First off, I’ll assume you guys have got a basic understanding of FFMPEG, what it is, how to install and use it, that kinda thing. If not, feel free to check out the basics. FFMPEG is […]

  • Switching from Windows to Manjaro Linux

    Switching from Windows to Manjaro Linux

    I use Adobe CC on a Windows machine for my video production pipeline at work. I do video side work on the weekends, and have used Windows and Adobe for those projects as well, but I’ve always felt trapped. Like I’m a slave to Adobe or something. I’ve spent most of my professional career learning […]

  • Blender, Linux, and R3D

    Blender, Linux, and R3D

    Convert with FFMPEG? If you’re wondering how to edit r3d on linux, you’ve come to the right place. This post is inspired by an official, yet very under-the-radar release of something called REDline Linux released back in mid 2018. As a fan of Linux as well as continuing my quest to discover a complete replacement […]

  • I’m a Purist

    I’m a Purist

    Opinion This idea has been with me since I was a kid learning card tricks. The purist in me never liked some special custom-made gimmick or some thing that essentially made the trick possible. Because suddenly, now I’m relying on that gimmick everywhere I go. Now I can’t perform if I don’t have that gimmick. […]

  • Hunted


    This is a VFX shot and edit sequence created for a short video in late March 2019. We couldn’t find the ideal location (an open field surrounding a lone tree) for this shot, and I needed too many specifics to match any stock footage. Short on time, I turned to Blender for the solution. All […]

  • Flowblade Review: Most Capable NLE on Linux?

    Flowblade Review: Most Capable NLE on Linux?

    Flowblade 2.0 Released Janne Liljeblad and other contributors released Flowblade 2.0 recently and I thought I’d try it out. I edited a quick 1 minute video from about 10 drone clips shot in 4k. The first impressive feature was how easily I was able to render proxies. It was just as easy to replace them […]

  • How to Use ffmpeg (The Basics)

    How to Use ffmpeg (The Basics)

    The Problem It all started when Premiere Pro started glitching out. When I was trying to import a simple image sequence, like I’d done a thousand times before, it only imported the first 25% of the frames. Everything else was missing. There was no inconsistency in the file naming convention. Everything was sequential. There were […]