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  • Open In Unity Not Working

    Open In Unity Not Working

    Open in Unity Not Working I’m trying to download some assets from the Unity Asset Store, but clicking ‘open in Unity’ is not working. Chrome prompts me with an “XDG-Open” dialogue. Even after selecting “ok”, nothing happens. So far, there are lots of complaints about the Unity Asset Store and how the only way to…

  • My First Game Jam 2020

    My First Game Jam 2020

    Welcome to this post-mortem article on my first complete game submitted to My First Game Jam 2020. This was such an amazing experience, I want to share as much as I can. It’s good to be back! I feel bad for dropping the ball on weekly posts… especially after doing it for an entire year!…

  • Review: X-Plane 11

    Review: X-Plane 11

    I recently came across the opportunity to make my first decision toward my sport aviation journey. I had about $100 to spend, so I had a choice: I could book a discovery flight at my local airport, or I could get a flight simulator and a joystick. One experience would be real and over in…