Open In Unity Not Working

Open in Unity Not Working

I’m trying to download some assets from the Unity Asset Store, but clicking ‘open in Unity’ is not working. Chrome prompts me with an “XDG-Open” dialogue. Even after selecting “ok”, nothing happens.

So far, there are lots of complaints about the Unity Asset Store and how the only way to download some simple PDFs is via a giant, several GB Unity Editor.

Regardless, if you just want to download some assets for learning like I do, I found a simple workaround:

Open up the Unity Hub:

Click Learn:

Then Select the project you’d like to check out, and hit “Download”:

The biggest problem with this workaround is that it only works for learning assets. I can’t seem to find a way to download assets that wouldn’t typically be categorized under ‘learn’. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, feel free to let me know!

By default, the project landed in my /tmp/ folder. Simply save the project to any location you like from inside the Unity Editor, or copy the contents of /tmp manually. Here’s some more information on how to copy projects. Hope this helps!

Feel free to check out my first game! Thanks for stopping by.


It appears that this issue is fixable. There’s a solid chance my xdg-open tool is not configured to open Unity when I click the “Open In Unity” link. I’m investigating further via these resources: