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  • An Unfortunate Final Update

    An Unfortunate Final Update

    Unfortunately, this project was put on the back-burner by management until the project was eventually scrapped. I absolutely would have loved to have seen this project through to completion, however, sadly, it just wasn’t meant to be. However! There is a dim light on the horizon… There’s a possibility that I will pursue a personal…

  • Rigging and Animating a Frog

    Rigging and Animating a Frog

    Have you ever finished a project? Well, yeah. Trust me, I was fully anticipating an essentially non-stop flow of updates regarding Light Quest, but unfortunately, that project has slowed down a little bit. Just because we’re so far “ahead” with it, there’s no budget for it because we’re working on it outside the fiscal year.…

  • A Trip To The Dream Factory

    A Trip To The Dream Factory

    Today was an incredible day. Over the last several weeks, I have been in touch with with a gentleman who owns a company that rents, sells, services, and deals with arcade machines, slot machines, ATMs, coin pushers, pinball machines and more. It’s a very cool business and his company provided and maintained the arcade machines…

  • Arcade Side Quest: Space Fighter

    Arcade Side Quest: Space Fighter

    Last weekend, I realized I was spending a lot of time focusing on the artwork and visual design of the game. It had been a while (months) since I’d coded anything and even longer since I’d coded a game in Godot. So in an effort to knock the dust off, I decided to enter a…

  • Blocking Out Willow’s Run/Skate Animation Cycle

    Blocking Out Willow’s Run/Skate Animation Cycle

    I have to admit, starting the animation cycle was pretty intimidating. Especially when I’m staring at a nearly finalized version of the main character. Luckily, I came across a tutorial that got me an EXCELLENT head start on creating the run/skate cycle. I ended up just creating a new project file to begin the animation…

  • Starting Pixel Art Character Design

    Starting Pixel Art Character Design

    Yesterday I began work on the first (of many) pixel art character designs that will be featured in the upcoming Light Quest arcade game. After some initial research, I found several pixel artists that recommended starting with a silhouette when designing a character. This achieves several things. First, it helps you create an iconic character…

  • Learning to “Pixelize” Anything and Everything

    Learning to “Pixelize” Anything and Everything

    Yesterday I managed to compile Aseprite for my Linux laptop so I could officially get started with the game. I’m going to tackle pixel art graphics first because it will help define the look of the game, the style of the artwork, and color palette. Once all (or most) of the pixel art graphics are…

  • Building Aseprite

    Building Aseprite

    After watching several videos on the topic of pixel art, researching some of the artists in the top of my search results, I decided to make the leap and change up my graphics creation strategy. For me, personally, it took quite a bit of time to figure out how to compile the software from scratch…

  • Beginning Pixel Art Work

    Beginning Pixel Art Work
  • Learning Godot Engine

    Learning Godot Engine

    So funny enough, I started writing this post well over a year ago. I’ve been wanting to learn Godot Engine for a while now, maybe 2-3 years. I ended up becoming intrigued with Godot when I was looking for a solid open-source game engine that was available for Linux. Godot was the first result that…