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  • Arch Failed To Commit Transaction (Invalid or corrupted package)

    Long story short, this error popped up when I was running an update in Manjaro using the Add/Remove Software program. As a result, the in-progress update failed, and I wasn’t able to get past it. Even after restarting my computer, restarting Add/Remove Software, I still ran into the same error. After some research, I discovered […]

  • Failed to Build Nettle6

    Failed to Build Nettle6

    Hey guys, I was trying to build a copy of Local by Flywheel on Manjaro Linux, but ran into this error… ‘ Failed to build nettle6 ‘ nettle6 is a dependency of Local, but after the attempted build of the package, I got the error failed to build nettle6 : If you happen to come […]

  • Failed to Commit Transaction (Conflicting Files) Manjaro

    Failed to Commit Transaction (Conflicting Files) Manjaro

    How to fix Failed to Commit Transaction (Conflicting Files) Error in Manjaro Linux This error is usually thrown after an attempted package upgrade using either pacman, the GUI, or another package manager. Below is an example of the error: This can happen with pretty much any package, depending on what else you’ve got installed on […]

  • How to Fix Unable to Lock Database Error in Arch Linux

    How to Fix Unable to Lock Database Error in Arch Linux

    How to Fix Unable to Lock Database When I try to update my machine by running sudo pacman -Syyu I get an error saying it’s unable to lock the database. Below is an example: But as you may have noticed, by removing a special database lock file, I was able to solve the issue. You […]

  • Locate Files using Terminal

    Locate Files using Terminal

    Let’s locate files using the terminal! This is just a cool little trick you can use if you’re doing a bunch of stuff in the terminal, and you don’t want to leave, or you’re just interested in cool terminal tricks. Let’s say you’re looking for a file, anywhere on your machine, but you don’t know […]