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  • Hosting a React App on Raspberry Pi

    Hosting a React App on Raspberry Pi

    This article assumes you’ve already got a Raspberry Pi set up and running the latest Raspberry Pi OS, and you’ll be hosting a React app locally (meaning it’s only accessible on your local network). First you’ll want to enable SSH. There’s some fancy ways to do this in the terminal, but the easiest is to […]

  • Theory of Coolativity

    Theory of Coolativity

    Recently I was faced with the following situation: How does one make something cool? And what is “cool”, exactly? “Cool” seems to be this ever-changing intangible “something” that everyone wants. Perhaps the mysterious nature of “cool” is the very thing that makes “cool” so desirable. In other words, “cool’s” state of being is what perpetuates […]

  • Arch Failed To Commit Transaction (Invalid or corrupted package)

    Long story short, this error popped up when I was running an update in Manjaro using the Add/Remove Software program. As a result, the in-progress update failed, and I wasn’t able to get past it. Even after restarting my computer, restarting Add/Remove Software, I still ran into the same error. After some research, I discovered […]

  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!

    Goodness! It’s been a while! I finally got a chance to hop back onto the blog and give some much needed updates (plugin updates, and life updates). I know this is primarily a technical blog and I’ve got more of that goodness coming, but I  figure I’d stick with tradition, and do a “happy new […]

  • Using Mono to Run .exe Files on Linux

    Using Mono to Run .exe Files on Linux

    Found a great game? Discover a new program? Only available on Windows? No Windows machine? Don’t want to bother dual booting? Running a virtual machine not an option? Me too! Using Mono makes all that a lot easier. Let’s talk about using mono to run .exe files on linux. Mono, according to their website, is […]