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  • How to Fix Write Permissions For DaVinci Resolve

    How to Fix Write Permissions For DaVinci Resolve

    Here’s how to fix write permissions for DaVinci Resolve. To fix this, just open a terminal and run: chmod -R 766 /your/problem/drive/or/directory What’s Going On? On linux, security is brilliantly built in. By default, files and folders that you create have a set level of permissions (defined by the umask command). Typically, the default is…

  • Locate Files using Terminal

    Locate Files using Terminal

    Let’s locate files using the terminal! This is just a cool little trick you can use if you’re doing a bunch of stuff in the terminal, and you don’t want to leave, or you’re just interested in cool terminal tricks. Let’s say you’re looking for a file, anywhere on your machine, but you don’t know…

  • Intro to Ranger

    Intro to Ranger

    What is Ranger? Ranger is an open source Github project that aims to streamline and simplify directory navigation on any computer. If you’re relatively new to the terminal or only use it rarely, this may not be a big deal for you. However, if you use the terminal on a regular or even daily basis,…