Rigging and Animating a Frog

Have you ever finished a project?

Well, yeah. Trust me, I was fully anticipating an essentially non-stop flow of updates regarding Light Quest, but unfortunately, that project has slowed down a little bit. Just because we’re so far “ahead” with it, there’s no budget for it because we’re working on it outside the fiscal year. Anyway, keeping the spirit of gaming alive, I’ve decided to take on a new personal project in the meantime.

The Concept

This concept, I’m very proud to say, came from my 5 year old son, who wrote this idea down several months ago, so there’s actually a very good chance he had the idea when he was 4. The idea was born when he drew out some lilly pads on a piece of notebok paper and explained how they rotate in different directions and the frog has to jump from one side of the pond to the other. I’m still desperately searching for the original drawing, and I’m posive I took a picture of it, but it’s not turning up anywhere.

Rigging and “Idle” Animation

“Idle” Animation