• Light Quest Update 1

    Light Quest Update 1

    This will be the first of hopefully many updates throughout this year on “Light Quest”. Light Quest will be a monster project that will consist of a full length feature film as well as a custom arcade cabinet designed and developed from scratch to be featured in the film. A few weeks ago, my parents […]

  • Beginning My Private Pilot Journey

    Beginning My Private Pilot Journey

    It Begins… Going After my Private Pilot Certificate If you’ve been following my blog for some amount of time, you may recall a few aviation and private pilot related posts. Well, my lovely wife booked a discovery flight for my birthday. Every single time I had a discovery flight on the books, something always managed […]

  • Samson


    Intro The goal of this project was to create a video highlighting the story of Samson in the Bible. The idea was to take elements of the story and film visual representations of each element. Before the project officially began, the first step for the team was to simply go back and re-read the story […]

  • Migrating a Site? Here are some tips to keep in mind

    Migrating a Site? Here are some tips to keep in mind

    At face value, moving a site from one host to another may seem pretty straightforward. Depending on what kind of site you’re talking about, this could be a bigger task than you’d expect. I just recently moved a site to a new host and ended up learning a few tricks that could hopefully help you […]

  • Learning Godot Engine

    Learning Godot Engine

    So funny enough, I started writing this post well over a year ago. I’ve been wanting to learn Godot Engine for a while now, maybe 2-3 years. I ended up becoming intrigued with Godot when I was looking for a solid open-source game engine that was available for Linux. Godot was the first result that […]

  • Arch Failed To Commit Transaction (Invalid or corrupted package)

    Long story short, this error popped up when I was running an update in Manjaro using the Add/Remove Software program. As a result, the in-progress update failed, and I wasn’t able to get past it. Even after restarting my computer, restarting Add/Remove Software, I still ran into the same error. After some research, I discovered […]

  • Desire


    Camera: RED Scarlet W Lens: 70-200mm with 4x diopter Collaborative project with Tim Searfoss The challenge and inspiration with this project was to find a way to create a narrative story without leaning on the crutch of dialogue and without the use of a “normal” wide-angle lens. Everything in this video project was all shot on […]

  • Using WP_Query() to sort datetime meta_value

    Using WP_Query() to sort datetime meta_value

    Just like the title suggests, I’ve spent the last several hours struggling with meta_query to return CPTs based on some datetime picker meta_value. Let me explain my setup. I’m writing a plugin that stores data from a custom_post_type for gym classes with a handful of custom fields put into place using ACF. One of those […]

  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!

    Goodness! It’s been a while! I finally got a chance to hop back onto the blog and give some much needed updates (plugin updates, and life updates). I know this is primarily a technical blog and I’ve got more of that goodness coming, but I  figure I’d stick with tradition, and do a “happy new […]