AMI Recycling


When AMI Recycling approached me about their website, their existing site was completely down (white screen of death). I was able to give their site a completely overhauled design as well as introduce a new e-commerce store with some unique features.

Design That’s Personal To The Client

AMI had some existing drone footage of their facility they wanted to use on the homepage,as well as a few other elements they wanted to include around the site which really ended up giving the site a unique look that you just can’t get with a default template.

Unique E-Commerce Challenge

Most e-commerce shops sell physical items that ship via commercial, third-party carriers, in whole-number quantities (e.g. I’d like to buy one t-shirt, a coffee mug, and some stickers and have them shipped to my apartment).

AMI has a not-so-usual business model of shipping recycled construction materials (asphalt, stones, gravel) in volumetric amounts (cubic yards) via commercial dump trucks that they operate.

Shipping and Handling… With A Twist

With recycled construction materials, shipping and handling had to be handled in a completely custom way. Shipping was calculated based on the distance from the delivery location to the material’s origin at AMI’s Recycling Facility.

Oh, And One More Thing

If a customer orders more material than a single dump truck can handle, then shipping costs will have to be multiplied for each additional trip the dump truck will have to make. All done, on-the-fly, with rates that are generated based on mileage from origin to destination.

Custom Material Calculator

Another challenge related to their business model helping AMI create a custom material calculator to help their customers anticipate how much material they may need for a project. For example, if I want to pave my driveway and I knew it was so long and so wide and I wanted it so many inches thick, I can just punch those numbers in and get the exact amount of material I’ll need to order to complete my project.