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BluePoint Living

The Project

This project was particularly interested because it tapped into 3 different disciplines. When BluePoint first approached me, they were looking to update their existing website and fix some of the issues with it. Once we got deeper into the project, it wasn’t as clear cut simply because the company itself was going through a bit of an identity crisis. Historically, they had made their living sourcing sustainable building materials, specializing in insulation created from recycled blue jeans.

selective focus photography of hanged denim jeans

The new direction for the company was a radical one, but in an unexpected way, could possibly link with the direction the company had been headed for some time. The new direction? Smart Environments. Imagine walls that are easily installed on top of the existing walls in your home, but offer the latest in smart technology.

The New Vision

In an effort to successfully pitch the idea and get momentum behind this new direction, they needed a complete site overhaul. This is where the project really began.

The Big Challenge

Imagine you were challenged with capturing this amazing new living environment and creating a compelling website that also served as the companies single larges marketing platform. But here’s the catch- these environments don’t exist yet.

white wooden framed glass door

Enter 3D Modeling

Not exactly ideal, because this method is extremely slow, but at this point in the project, there really was no other option. So we began collaborating on the look and feel of each space (there were multiple spaces) and ended up settling on the smart home gym to launch the next phase of the site.

Homepage Animation

There was also a discussion on creating an animation that revealed the denim insulation that was behind the walls, as well as using materials for the walls that were custom created. Here’s the result of that animation:

Virtual Tour and More

Just a side note, nearly all of this project was modeled from scratch as some of the specific pieces of equipment included in the room didn’t exist in major 3D model libraries (like the Tonal Home Gym). The final results are featured in the virtual tour along with vision casting videos and fresh web page designs. Check out the full project at

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