• AMI Recycling

    AMI Recycling

    Project When AMI Recycling approached me about their website, their existing site was completely down (white screen of death). I was able to give their site a completely overhauled design as well as introduce a new e-commerce store with some unique features. Design That’s Personal To The Client AMI had some existing drone footage of […]

  • True North

    True North

    The Project This video was created to introduce a new sermon series on the topic of apologetics entitled “True North”. The project centers around a compass that loses its effectiveness as confusion and noise about what the truth really is begins to get louder. This project was concepted and created in 5 days using Blender […]

  • How to Mount a B2 Bucket on Linux

    How to Mount a B2 Bucket on Linux

    The Short Answer: Setup rclone using rclone config then use the mount command rclone mount remote:bucket/folder/file The Long Answer Mixed With Personal Experience: This is a little bit embarrassing, but I’ve been using Backblaze for years at this point and I’ve only mounted my first B2 bucket just now. I have no idea why it’s […]

  • Rigging and Animating a Frog

    Rigging and Animating a Frog

    Have you ever finished a project? Well, yeah. Trust me, I was fully anticipating an essentially non-stop flow of updates regarding Light Quest, but unfortunately, that project has slowed down a little bit. Just because we’re so far “ahead” with it, there’s no budget for it because we’re working on it outside the fiscal year. […]

  • Arcade Side Quest: Swapping Hardware

    Arcade Side Quest: Swapping Hardware

    The Problem It wasn’t too long ago I uploaded a post on how I built out the Raspberry Pi 4 for the Light Quest arcade project. It was all promising at first, until I did my first test. I figured, before I go down the long, long road of fully developing an entire game from […]

  • Designing and 3D Printing From Scratch

    Designing and 3D Printing From Scratch

    The First World Problem When I first got my 3D printer a few weeks ago, my mind was racing and coming up with all sorts of crazy stuff to print. I still constantly think, “Can I print that?”. Learning about the limitations of what a printer can and can’t do is definitely interesting and presents […]

  • Cabinet Teardown

    Cabinet Teardown

    First off, can I just take a minute to admire the insane amount of work that was put into this original cabinet? After I got the cabinet inside and to a place where I could begin work on it, it was time to take the back off and take a look inside. The sheer amount […]

  • Learning How to 3D Print

    Learning How to 3D Print

    The Research Last weekend, I started doing research on 3D printers. It’s crazy to think that 3D printing has already been around for 10+ years! So, like with anything in the tech world, the longer it’s available, the better the technology gets and the lower the price gets. Who knew that you can get your […]

  • A Trip To The Dream Factory

    A Trip To The Dream Factory

    Today was an incredible day. Over the last several weeks, I have been in touch with with a gentleman who owns a company that rents, sells, services, and deals with arcade machines, slot machines, ATMs, coin pushers, pinball machines and more. It’s a very cool business and his company provided and maintained the arcade machines […]