• BluePoint Living

    BluePoint Living

    The Project This project was particularly interested because it tapped into 3 different disciplines. When BluePoint first approached me, they were looking to update their existing website and fix some of the issues with it. Once we got deeper into the project, it wasn’t as clear cut simply because the company itself was going through […]

  • Designing and Printing A Tail Tidy for a 2022 Honda Grom

    Designing and Printing A Tail Tidy for a 2022 Honda Grom

    Step 1: What’s out there already? During my initial research, I found that there were a few models already out on thingiverse, which gave me a good place to start. At least I could use the measurements and dimensions of the license plate mount! And just to begin, I was only able to speculate if […]

  • AMI Recycling

    AMI Recycling

    Project When AMI Recycling approached me about their website, their existing site was completely down (white screen of death). I was able to give their site a completely overhauled design as well as introduce a new e-commerce store with some unique features. Design That’s Personal To The Client AMI had some existing drone footage of […]

  • True North

    True North

    The Project This video was created to introduce a new sermon series on the topic of apologetics entitled “True North”. The project centers around a compass that loses its effectiveness as confusion and noise about what the truth really is begins to get louder. This project was concepted and created in 5 days using Blender […]

  • How to Mount a B2 Bucket on Linux

    How to Mount a B2 Bucket on Linux

    The Short Answer: Setup rclone using rclone config then use the mount command rclone mount remote:bucket/folder/file The Long Answer Mixed With Personal Experience: This is a little bit embarrassing, but I’ve been using Backblaze for years at this point and I’ve only mounted my first B2 bucket just now. I have no idea why it’s […]

  • Rigging and Animating a Frog

    Rigging and Animating a Frog

    Have you ever finished a project? Well, yeah. Trust me, I was fully anticipating an essentially non-stop flow of updates regarding Light Quest, but unfortunately, that project has slowed down a little bit. Just because we’re so far “ahead” with it, there’s no budget for it because we’re working on it outside the fiscal year. […]

  • Arcade Side Quest: Swapping Hardware

    Arcade Side Quest: Swapping Hardware

    The Problem It wasn’t too long ago I uploaded a post on how I built out the Raspberry Pi 4 for the Light Quest arcade project. It was all promising at first, until I did my first test. I figured, before I go down the long, long road of fully developing an entire game from […]

  • Designing and 3D Printing From Scratch

    Designing and 3D Printing From Scratch

    The First World Problem When I first got my 3D printer a few weeks ago, my mind was racing and coming up with all sorts of crazy stuff to print. I still constantly think, “Can I print that?”. Learning about the limitations of what a printer can and can’t do is definitely interesting and presents […]

  • Cabinet Teardown

    Cabinet Teardown

    First off, can I just take a minute to admire the insane amount of work that was put into this original cabinet? After I got the cabinet inside and to a place where I could begin work on it, it was time to take the back off and take a look inside. The sheer amount […]