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  • Creating a WordPress Plugin Downloader

    Creating a WordPress Plugin Downloader

    How it Started I was recently tasked with the challenge of creating a WordPress theme generator. The idea being, instead of writing your style.css file from scratch, you’d be able to just answer a few simple questions about how you’d like your theme set up, and those starter files would be automatically generated. How it’s…

  • Fitness320


    Project Tasks Convert a traditional e-commerce website to a subscription-based website with irregular renewal times. Create a fully-automated email campaign that welcomes new subscribers and reminds existing subscribers of their renewal one week before. Create a “virtual gym” that restricts digital content (videos, PDFs, and web pages) to paid subscribers. Inside the “virtual gym” members…

  • BluePoint Living

    BluePoint Living

    The Project This project was particularly interested because it tapped into 3 different disciplines. When BluePoint first approached me, they were looking to update their existing website and fix some of the issues with it. Once we got deeper into the project, it wasn’t as clear cut simply because the company itself was going through…

  • AMI Recycling

    AMI Recycling

    Project When AMI Recycling approached me about their website, their existing site was completely down (white screen of death). I was able to give their site a completely overhauled design as well as introduce a new e-commerce store with some unique features. Design That’s Personal To The Client AMI had some existing drone footage of…