Beginning Pixel Art Work

[ “4.9.2” ][“4.9.2” ][“4.9.2” “”][“4.9.2” ]Next step for tackling this game is going to be pixel art, and lots of it. So I’m taking the time to familiarize myself with this relatively new (to me) art for and it’s nuances. First stop… Which program is the best to tackle this sort of work? Also, it’s worth mentioning that I’m officially a dedicated Linux user, so all of of the software that I’ll be using for this project will have to be (at a minimum) compatible with Linux.[“4.9.2” ]First up, I downloaded Pixel Studio just so I could start doodling during my breaks. I didn’t really get far with it, but this was one of the first doodles I did with it. By the way, this app would be way more useful if I had phablet instead of trying to goof around with my fat thumbs trying to fill in the pixels I wanted.[ src=”http://localhost/playwithblocks/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/light-quest-test-1.png””4.9.2″ “light quest test 1″ align=”center”]