Sculpting Bootcamp: Day 1

In preparation for my first ever animated short film, I’m gonna need some characters. Which means I’m gonna need to create some. Which means I need to get better at sculpting. That means sculpting bootcamp.

This is just a personal sculpting bootcamp challenge to help me improve my sculpting and pay more attention to human anatomy. I’m not sure how long this challenge will go for, but I’ll just keep at it until I feel like I can sculpt out a character without any real heartache. My goal is to just be able to take a reference image(s) and reproduce something similar that I’m happy with.

I think it’s just a matter of developing a level of skill where I can 1.) recognize what how a human body and face is supposed to look, so that I can 2.) know why the sculpt doesn’t look right, and 3.) know how to fix it. That’s essentially my goal with this self-assigned sculpting bootcamp.

So here’s the very first attempt at a thing with no reference. Tomorrow I will have a reference. I swear getting started was the hardest part for me. But hey- here’s to learning something new.

sculpting bootcamp front view
sculpting bootcamp 3/4 view
sculpting bootcamp profile