Light Quest Update 1

Retro Arcade cabinet

This will be the first of hopefully many updates throughout this year on “Light Quest”. Light Quest will be a monster project that will consist of a full length feature film as well as a custom arcade cabinet designed and developed from scratch to be featured in the film.

A few weeks ago, my parents brought over this awesome retro keyboard with a lot of automated features like arpeggios and bass chords, etc. So one day I just start goofing around with it and I happened to hit 3 notes that I thought would be perfect for the boot-up sound of the arcade game. The first sound you hear when you turn the game on, or otherwise hit the main menu.

I immediately went to the computer and drew those notes out on a piano roll and got the very first element for the game. The boot-up sound. Hopefully more updates will come soon in the form of pixel art mock-ups.