Learning Godot Engine

person using computer playing FPS game

So funny enough, I started writing this post well over a year ago. I’ve been wanting to learn Godot Engine for a while now, maybe 2-3 years. I ended up becoming intrigued with Godot when I was looking for a solid open-source game engine that was available for Linux. Godot was the first result that popped up, and there were a ton of really cool games that were created with it! Having the ability to deliver your final game to a fairly large variety of platforms was also a huge plus.

Being able to deliver to the Android platform was also very appealing to me. The only thing that deterred me from actually setting out to learn Godot Engine was the fact that it was built on a proprietary language called GDScript. Many developers praised the language for being easy to pick up and comprehend. Personally, nothing sounded easy about learning a new language. At this point, I had a background in basic web languages HTML, CSS, and JS. The trick was, GDScript is actually closer to Python than anything.

Speaking of Python, another language that had come up on my journey over the last several years. Blender is a powerful 3D animation platform built on Python, but I’d never taken the time to learn the Blender API to create plugins for myself. Regardless, on a whim, I took a free “Learn Python in 12 hours” course on YouTube. After I learned how Python is completely different language than JavaScript, I was able to take that knowledge (mostly about white space and formatting) and apply that to GDScript.

Flash forward about a year or two, I still had this post on draft, but I’d released two games already! Both written with Godot. I had a blast learning the absolute basics of game design and development, and I don’t regret a thing. Moving into the web design space has afforded me to learn a TON, and bringing fun stuff like Godot along for the ride makes tackling projects even better.

Check out Godot for yourself at godotengine.org, download the latest version, and make something awesome!