How to Install DaVinci Resolve 16.1 on Manjaro

Method 0:

The simplest and quickest way to get up and running with DaVinci Resolve on Manjaro is to simply open the default package manager that comes with Manjaro and searching for davinci-resolve. This will give you a few results, because Resolve comes in free and paid versions. If you want to install and use the paid version, search davinci-resolve. If you have an activation key or USB key for the paid version of Resolve, then just search for davinci-resolve-studio. Click on the package you want, click “Build”, type in your password, and you’re good to go!

Method 1:

This is likely the more common way to install Davinci Resolve 16.1 on Manjaro. Just head over to the official Blackmagic site to guarantee yourself the latest and greatest version of DaVinci Resolve. From there, you can register and download the latest .zip file. Once you unzip, the installation is pretty easy, just execute the file named “DaVinci_Resolve_{yourVersionNumber}”. That’ll launch an installation wizard that will walk you through the terms and conditions, licensing agreements, and installation process.

The only catch with this method is that there’s a chance you might not have all the required dependencies in order to run Resolve on your machine. In order to avoid this… I’d recommend the second method.

Method 2:

Use the user-created AUR package. This can’t be found inside the “Add/Remove Software” program that comes with Manjaro, as it’s not an officially supported repository. However, as of the writing of this post, it’s up-to-date and appears to be pretty well maintained. To install DaVinci Resolve 16.1 on Manjaro using this method, there is one prerequisite. You’ll need a group of packages called base-devel and git. To install these, just run:

sudo pacman -Syu base-devel git

You’ll be prompted for your password, and pacman will automatically go and grab all the required packages you need. Once that’s done, go to the official AUR package page and find the GIT Clone URL (usually linked at near the top of the page on the left).

Copy that link, because you’ll need it in just a second. Next, create a new folder in your home directory called Programs, and inside Programs, create a new folder called DavinciResolve. Next, open a terminal window in your newly created DavinciResolve folder, and type git clone and paste that URL you copied earlier like so:

git clone

Once you hit enter, you’ll create a copy of the AUR repository on your machine. Inside your folder, there should be a file called PKGBUILD just for peace of mind, you can optionally run less PKGBUILD to take a look at the script, just to make sure that you’re pulling official copies of Davinci Resolve 16.1 from Blackmagic’s official website. Once you see the official URL in the code, you’re ready for the final step!

To build and install DiVinci Resolve 16.1 on Manjaro, all you need to do now is run makepkg -si. That will begin building resolve, -s to sync your local repositories with the remote ones, and -i to install the packages once you’ve built them. And that’s it! You’re now running Davinci Resolve 16.1 on Manjaro. Have fun!