A Note About Running DaVinci Resolve on Ubuntu 18.04

A follow-up to my previous post

Earlier this week I decided to run DaVinci Resolve on Ubuntu 18.04. This was a terrible idea. I spent the last 3 days banging my head against a wall and scouring countless forums, blogs, articles, and all for nothing. Here’s my situation. I have an AMD Threadripper with a pair of RTX 2080TIs that I was trying to use with Ubutnu and Davinci Resolve.

Of course, if you plan to run Davinci Resolve on Ubuntu 18.04, the default Ubuntu install pretty much gives you the generic graphics drivers and it’s up to you to install the ones you need. Since I want to run Resolve, I’ll be needing the latest Nvidia drivers for Linux. Downloaded and installed from the website, but it didn’t work. Installed CUDA, but it didn’t work.

I tried so many different drivers that they started conflicting with each other and it became an even bigger mess than what I started with. I rebooted a ton of times and sometimes the drivers would work, and other times they wouldn’t even switch from the old driver. I tried with and without CUDA and with and without OpenCL, but nothing worked. I couldn’t get anywhere beyond the opening splash page.


Guys, just save yourself the trouble. Seriously. If you’re wanting to run Davinci Resolve on Linux, but you don’t want the official CentOS build… Do yourself a huge favor, avoid the headache and just install Manjaro. Seriously. I was up and running in Davinci Resolve cutting 5K RED footage in 15 minutes. It’s the easiest Linux video workstation setup ever. I’m never going back.

Full disclosure: I’m not being paid to write this. Opinions are my own. This is just my experience. As always, keep your passwords secure, and your sources open. Cheers.