[VIDEO] Install Blender on Windows 10

How to install Blender on Windows 10

In this video, we learn the steps to install blender on Windows 10. There are several ways (some more advanced than others) to do this, but in this video, we’re just sticking with the basics.

Update: Blender has been released since the recording of this video. Also, Mantaflow has been merged into the master branch of blender.

Installation steps are still the same.

As mentioned in the video, you can check out builder.blender.org for the latest, bleeding edge versions of Blender, but if you’re not up for experimentation, or a beginner just wanting to stick to the basics for now, you can check out the latest, official stable releases from blender.org/download

Note: graphicall.org has since become part of Blender.community, which is a great place to chat and learn new tips and tricks and dive deep into all things Blender.

That pretty much covers it, I know that was probably too much information, but the simple way is to just download the .msi on Windows, the .dmg on Mac, or the tar.gz on Linux. Extract and run the .msi or .dmg on Windows or Mac, go through the installer like any other program and you’re good to go. On Linux, there is no installer. You literally just extract and launch the executable. Linux is dope like that.