True North (3D Animation) | 2021

Light Quest Arcade Game

Samson (3D animation)

The goal of this project was to create a video highlighting the story of Samson in the Bible. The idea was to take elements of the story and film visual representations of each element. Before the project officially began, the first step for the team was to simply go back and re-read the story of Samson starting in Judges Chapter 13. After the refresher, the main symbols we ended up choosing were a lion (Judges 14:6), a honeybee (Judges 14:8) just one fox… not three hundred (Judges 15:3-5), dry grain going up in flames (Judges 15:5), a donkey’s jawbone (Judges 15:15), a knife cutting off locks of hair (Judges 16:19) and destroyed pillars and a pile of rubble (Judges 16:29-30).

Desire: A Macro Narrative

Camera: RED Scarlet W Lens: 70-200mm with 4x diopter Collaborative project with Tim Searfoss The challenge and inspiration with this project was to find a way to create a narrative story without leaning on the crutch of dialogue and without the use of a “normal” wide-angle lens. Everything in this video project was all shot […]

God Is (video)

Jonah And The Whale (Game)

A while back, I was tasked with an animation project that was essentially a video game version of the famous story of Jonah and the whale in the Bible. After assessing the project and seeing how much animation would be involved, and the ultimate goal of the project… I figured it would be easier (and […]

Baptism: Mobile UI/UX Proof of Concept

Here Is The Church | 2019

Make It Yours | 2019

Low Poly Nature Animation (3D)

Earlier this month I was asked to create a video to compliment an Easter graphics package designed around the theme of “Hills and Valleys”. Graphically, the idea was fairly minimal, with a simple blue/purple gradient behind white text. Below are the original mockups. With the white silhouette of a mountain, and a blue/purple gradient, I […]


This is a VFX shot and edit sequence created for a short video in late March 2019. We couldn’t find the ideal location (an open field surrounding a lone tree) for this shot, and I needed too many specifics to match any stock footage. Short on time, I turned to Blender for the solution. All […]

The Gift | 2018

Flatlay photo to 3D animation This year’s Christmas graphic package was a collaboration between photography, arts-and-crafts, and 3D modeling and animation. From Christmas Graphic to Christmas Animation Once we had a flatlay that was acceptable for print, we needed to use the same objects or similar objects that reflected the same style to bring an […]

Watercolor Video

The 24 Before This was a project that started off as raw video. After several layers of After Effects work, we ended up with a final result that mimicked a genuine watercolor video. Somewhat inspired by larger projects like Loving Vincent, the initial concepts  were very fluid in their design. Some of the early designs […]