[VIDEO] Install Blender on Mac OSX

Install Blender on Mac OSX

In this video, we take a look at how to install Blender on Mac OSX. It is a fairly straightforward process. Blender installs just like any other piece of software for Mac OSX. Simply download the .dmg from the official releases page. Once the package finishes downloading, you can double click it to begin the install. There’s a solid chance that OSX will block the install by default. OSX complains about non-native software. Go figure. To allow the install to continue, you’ll need to open your system preferences. There is a warning under the security and privacy tab saying that the Blender installer tried to run. Simply click ‘allow anyway’ and try launching the installer again.

Next, you’ll get one last warning, and just click ‘run anyway’. The installer will appear to you. Run through all the options, accept the agreement, and you’ll be a all set.

Depending on the installer, on Mac OSX, you may not get an installer wizard. Sometimes the installer mounts itself like a disc, and pops open a window, prompting you to drag the application icon into the applications folder. If that’s the case, then just do that. In a lot of ways, that’s just easier. After you drag and drop, you should have Blender successfully installed on your machine! Hurray!

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