God Is

This week I managed to finish up a project that took the better part of a month to go through the concept, design, testing, and final delivery. This project was created for Grace Family Church to introduce a series entitled “God Is” which details the attributes of God and the bigness of God. My objective for this project was to support the ideas and the message behind the series, and essentially show the bigness of God (no pressure).

The concept started at the core of the message content. The bigness of God. When I think of the bigness of God, I think of how he created everything. Everything in the known universe. Everything from the tiniest atom all the way to the far edges of the cosmos. What we ended up doing was combining 43 layers of animations, videos, and still images to create an experience that felt like a single, continuous image.

The video below was one of the very first test renders of the opening shot of a DNA strand.

The result was a lot of fun to create and I learned more than I expected to. My creative journey has become really interesting at this point. While I still do video full time, I’ve started doing web development more seriously. I also delivered complete websites to clients the week after I finished this video!