Carrying a Sketchbook

Last week, I tried to challenge myself and sculpt for an hour every day. That quickly fell apart after the second day. The problem was, it’s a little too involved. I only have one Wacom tablet and one 3D mouse. So to do a daily sculpt, that means I have to haul my tablet, mouse, Wacom pen, and wireless receiver with me everywhere I go, every single day. And I’ve gotta take 10 minuets to plug everything in, make sure all the drivers are up and running, and the tablet is mapped to the screen just the way I like it, etc, etc.

So instead, I’ve taken on a new challenge. I’m going a lot simpler. Just a pad and a pencil. I’m hoping this will help me learn the skills I need to improve my sculpts, while learning how to draw lines, shadows, highlights, and curves. So here’s a sketch from last week.