[VIDEO] 1 Year Later: Aventon Mataro Review

Aventon Mataro Review

This is technically my second Aventon Mataro review. I made a ‘first impressions’ video about a year ago describing my experience clipping into a fixed gear bike for the first time. Overall, this bike has been great to ride for commuting and short errands. I rode the bike with stock everything for nearly a complete year until I absolutely had to replace the chain. And after replacing the chain, I realized that I had actually worn down the teeth on the rear sprocket, so I ended up replacing that as well.

I road the stock Kenda tires for most of the year and I feel like they held up very well. I only had to repair flats about 5 or so times during the course of the year. After I had worn the tread fairly thin, I ended up swapping them for WTB Thickslick tires that feature a thicker, puncture-resistant composition. So far, I’ve been riding Thickslicks for about 2 months or so, and haven’t had a single flat (knock on wood!).

I’ve even had some close calls where I’ve been riding in a dirty bike like with loads of broken glass and twisted metal bits, ended up hitting something, hearing it rattle behind me, and braced for the impeding “Psssssssttt”… but it never came! So here’s to another 3000 miles. Happy riding, and stay safe out there.