Create Something New.

My name is Matt and I have a long history of creating things.

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Matt holding a camera and pointing at something important

Video Background

I’ve been making videos since 2004. It all started in early high school when I discovered how to transfer DV tapes to digital files (Firewire 800? Anyone?) and has gone from there. I created some short films in college that won some awards in LA, then moved into the workforce. From there I started setting up and running multicam livestreams all over the US. Eventually I landed in Tampa where I started focusing more on studio work and honed my keying, motion graphics, and editing skills. Now I create videos almost weekly for an audience of nearly 20,000 people.

3D Background

Shortly after picking up video, I started messing around with 3D. I had already learned how to do some basic titles here and there, but in an effort to get ahead of my peers and offer something more, I decided to take the plunge and dive into the vast world of 3D animation. I’ve been at it for quite some time, and I’m still learning new tricks with every project, but I love creating visuals from scratch. It’s a nice tool to pair with video, but it’s even nicer when you can pair it with…

WordPress Developer Background

Despite this field being a relatively recent addition to my skillset, I’ve already had the opportunity to create several sites in a professional capacity ranging from portfolios to blogs to e-commerce shops to subscription-based sites that have already generated, on average, over $20k/mo in revenue for my clients. Web dev has always seemed like the missing link for me. I’ve been spending my days creating tons of cool visuals, but I didn’t have any way to showcase them! Not anymore.  Over the last 3 years, I’ve been immersing myself in hours of training to develop a working knowledge of how websites work and how to make them do what you want.

Game Dev Background

Okay, I can’t go leaving this one out. Over time, as I’ve continued to build up new skills, some of them start to overlap. I’m surprised by how often I find myself in situations where I have a client with a need and I have a collection of skills “lying around” and I end up putting things together that I never thought I would. Ultimately, I don’t intend on gaining new skills like these, but every now and then I get asked if I know 3D and the answer is yes… and if I know how to code… and the answer is yes. And when you put 3D and code together… you get games.

Years of Video Experience

Years of 3D Experience

Years of Web Dev Experience

Years of Game Dev Experience