Low Poly Ocean Scene

This is an unashamedly old project. I created this lowpoly ocean scene over 2 years ago, and I simply haven’t had time to create anything since. Hope you enjoy! If you’d like a copy of the project file, just let me know and I’d be happy to dig it up. I actually enjoy this style quite a bit and ended up created another project in a similar style. Follow me on Twitter if you want to know more!

The early stages of the lowpoly ocean scene.
This was the scene before the boolean modifier was executed

The idea for this project was to essentially create a little slice of an ocean reef that only existed inside a sphere. The trick was, I didn’t want the sphere to be visible, so I used it as a Boolean to cut away the parts of the scene that I didn’t want to use.

Close up render without any color work

Once everything was modeled for the lowpoly ocean scene, it was time to set to work on the textures. Below is a time-lapse video showing my work on that process.

Timelapse of the texture painting process

Once the texture was complete, I added some lighting effects to mimic the caustics typically seen at the bottom of a shallow sea where most coral reefs exist.